About Us

In today’s digital world, media institutions from conglomerates to personal bloggers produce a wealth of content every day. As a result, business professionals are finding it increasingly difficult to locate relevant opportunities and have to scramble through countless publications every day to reach meaningful news that they can act upon.

WriteCaliber is a content & technology company, with a special focus on news content, offering website visitors an aggregated view of business and financial news in the Middle East from over a hundred sources classified by sector and by country.

WriteCaliber also offers professionals personalized news channels that can track their specific types of businesses or follow particular events, saving them the time to browse through endless headlines every day looking for the information that they cannot afford to miss.

Finally, through its Expert network, WriteCaliber also enables industry experts to share their views and insights with publishers, content marketers and research firms looking to strengthen their content with deeper insights and industry expertise.

The founder, Samer Habbal, has over two decades of experience at Thomson Reuters, focusing on Financial Content and Media Technology. During his career in one of the industry’s leading organizations, Samer worked closely with financial experts, writers, as well as media organizations and discovered the hidden potential of finding….the WriteCaliber.