Global coronavirus crisis: Egyptian agriculture holds up well


While Egypt’s agricultural exports were slightly affected by the global lockdowns introduced to halt the spread of the coronavirus, revenues did not decrease due to the increase in international prices on the back of the low supply of commodities and restrictions on international trade.  Citrus fruits topped the list of Egyptian agricultural exports, followed by potatoes and onions. Strawberries, grapes, and pomegranates led the exports of fruit. Official figures indicate that despite the pandemic Egypt has been able to export more than average quantities of garlic, mangoes, beans, and grapes since January. Egypt’s exports of potatoes decreased to 677,000 tons in 2020, down from 688,000 tons in 2019. Onions decreased to 333,000 tons in 2020, down from 463,000 tons in 2019, and pomegranates decreased to 48,000 tons in more...