Agricultural systems and policies discussed


Essam Khalaf - Works, Municipalities Affairs and Urban Planning Minister Works, Municipalities and Urban Planning Minister Essam bin Abdullah Khalaf has said that the 30th meeting of GCC ministers concerned with agricultural affairs complements the steps towards achieving sustainable agricultural policies that contribute to enhancing food security and developing cooperation in agricultural, animal and fisheries fields among the GCC states. The minister was speaking as he headed the Bahraini delegation to the meeting held virtually due to the restrictions imposed by COVID-19. The meeting discussed issues related to agricultural systems and policies, including the law on organic inputs and products, the law on the unified plant quarantine system, as well as the law on the management of plant genetic resources for food and agriculture in a guided manner. The meeting highlighted the importance of marine wealth and reviewed the inspection program for landing kingfish, as well as unifying the date of banning shrimp fishing between Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait to start the season on August 1 and introduce the ban on February 1.

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