Turkish Food Week celebrates unique Hatay cuisine

  • Date: 28-May-2023
  • Source: Kuwait Times
  • Sector:Agriculture
  • Country:Kuwait
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Turkish Food Week celebrates unique Hatay cuisine

By Faten Omar

KUWAIT: On the occasion of Turkish Food Week, Turkish Ambassador to Kuwait Tuba Nur Sonmez hosted local media representatives to taste traditional Turkish food at her residence. The ambassador on the importance of cultural exchange to enhance communication and mutual understanding, pointing out that food is one of the most prominent characteristics of peoples’ culture, because it is a part of their daily lives.

Sonmez indicated the Turkish Food Week will present distinctive and diverse flavors from May 21-27, held in its second year. “Turkish cuisine is rich in internationally known delicious dishes, which are highly demanded in different countries of the world. The Turkish Food Week is an opportunity to introduce more Turkish dishes with unique flavors,” she said.

Sonmez noted the weeklong event features unique recipes from timeless Turkish cuisine, while highlighting the sustainability of an age-old culinary tradition where pots have been boiling with the philosophy of zero waste for millennia, pointing out that Turkish cuisine is naturally waste-free, with recipes that use every component of each product and stand out with a sustainable structure. Meals are prepared without wasting ingredients, and tables are laden with healing specialties, she added.

Sonmez revealed that this year’s special menu consists