Clarkson’s Farm, review: The man’s gone soft! Even Top Gear haters will find him likeable here

SourceThe Telegraph
CountryMiddle east

Jeremy Clarkson bought a farm, and in Clarkson’s Farm (Amazon Prime Video) it’s never quite clear why. This part of the Cotswolds is full of beautiful homes that don’t come with land attached. Last week I was in the pub in Kingham, a stone’s throw from Clarkson’s place in Chipping Norton , where the G&Ts are made with organic pea gin and a heritage tomato side salad will set you back £13.50.

It’s a fabulous fantasy of country living. So Clarkson could have opted for the easy life, but instead has decided to be a proper farmer who drives an actual tractor, not a Chelsea one. Although, this being Clarkson, he’s bought a monster Lamborghini tractor that he can’t work because he doesn’t understand the controls and the error messages are all in German. The farm used to be run by a chap who has now retired, and Clarkson has taken over. What came first, the urge to become more...