What Challenges Are Facing Food Security in the MENA?

SourceAl Bawaba
CountryMiddle east

As with many other aspects of life, the pandemic has uncovered a number of cases that need crucial and immediate handling by governments and stakeholders, including the need for a comprehensive plan to achieve food security in our region. The Dubai Food Security Committee has been keen on following up on the availability of basic commodities and products that meet consumer needs. This video is jointly produced by the Arab Social Media Pioneers Club and @DubaiPressClub to highlight the abundance of food commodities. pic.

twitter. com/kbnwjpOTPf Due to the scarcity of resources in the Middle East, the region's countries have for decades been dependant on food imports from the rest of the world. However, the 2020 crisis that featured border closures for extended periods of time across the world, has highlighted the critical need for new policies that put food security amongst its priorities. Realizing its time for Middle Eastern countries to start producing food rather than just consuming products made by other nations, more and more governments are now crafting strategic plans that aim to help them secure their needs for food over the coming decades, so they avoid the uncertainty we lived through during the first few months ...read more...