Muscat meat giant becomes first carbon neutral company in Oman

SourceArabian Business

Muscat Livestock & Trading (MLS) has become the first carbon neutral company in Oman. MLS has committed to the United Nations’ Climate Neutral Now initiative - estimating, reducing and compensating its greenhouse gas emissions in an effort to make no net release into the atmosphere. This is quite a commitment, given that cattle is the number one agriculture source – around 14.5 percent - of greenhouse gases worldwide. VIDEO Consultant Paul Ross, told Arabian Business: “Cattle gets a bad wrap as an unfriendly producer of climate-changing greenhouse gas and cows can actually be part of the climate change solution. “With the escalating effects of climate change, that’s why people are being encouraged to eat less beef and turn vegan. They say it’s an unsustainable diet in a world where the population is expected to hit more...