Rains lash several governorates in Oman

  • Date: 12-Mar-2024
  • Source: Times of Oman
  • Sector:Agriculture
  • Country:Oman
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Rains lash several governorates in Oman

Muscat: A number of governorates in Oman received rains on Tuesday as a result of continued flow of clouds, according to the meteorological department.

The Ministry of Agricultural Wealth, Fisheries and Water Resources published data on the distribution of rains in the wilayats of the Sultanate of Oman until 1pm on Tuesday.

The highest amount of rainfall was recorded in the Wilayat of Yanqul (22 mm), followed by the Wilayat of Sohar 12mm, then came the Wilayat of Ibri with 8mm, and the wilayats of Madha and Al Buraimi each 1mm).

Rains enhance vegetation cover, improve production of crops and enhance water reserves in dams.