Reinventing farming and food post-globalisation | FT Film

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Reinventing farming and food post-globalisation | FT Film

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This is a power struggle. And right now, corporations control all the power.

When enough stars align, when enough bad things happen all at once that the food system is at risk, we will know it, and the pain will be acute.

I really couldn't think of responsible and effective ways to mitigate those risks short of reinventing the food system.

If there's any upside to Covid, it's that everyone in this country experienced the downside of the hyperglobalisation regime.

The system that the monopolists had built was built to fail. It was built to break.

You control your money, you control your destiny.

The one thing that I would love to see is for government and policies to be shaped around people.

Globalisation, as we've known it for the last 40 years, has failed. Hyper-efficient systems were designed to drive down the costs of goods and services, but Covid and the war in Ukraine showed the vulnerability of our supply chains.

And now, real people and policymakers alike are rethinking what those should look like. In this film we're going to look at globalisation and its impact on farming and food. Nothing is more crucial than agriculture, and yet

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