Where We Are Going Today: Buttermilk

SourceArab News
CountrySaudi Arabia

Buttermilk is a restaurant and bakery in the Al-Nakheel district of Riyadh serving classic American food. It is inspired by southern cuisine and its hospitality, offering an array of traditional choices, from American pie, cornbread and mac & cheese to the famous Nashville chicken. That dish is presented with a country-style twist —a big portion of fried chicken and bread served in a basket.

Buttermilk’s signature order is the Harlem classic, buttermilk-fried chicken and waffle with honey and hot sauce on top of it. The delicious combination of sweet and salty with the crispness on the outside and the lightness of the waffle make it one of the best brunches you could ever taste. Buttermilk is the go-to place for celebrations, as its relaxed and comfortable ambiance will suit your special occasions. If you are into fine smoked ribs, you can choose your favorite style from the range on offer and enjoy a tender piece of beef covered with barbecue sauce. They also offer many types of steaks.

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