Kuwait’s first satellite launched into space

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  • Date: 01-Jul-2021
  • Source: Kuwait Times
  • Sector: Defense
  • Country: Kuwait
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Kuwait’s first satellite launched into space

NEW YORK: Bassam Al-Feeli, Founder and General Manager of Orbital Space, said that QMR-KWT, an abbreviation of "Moon of Kuwait" has took off into space on Wednesday aboard SpaceX Falcon 9 from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in the State of Florida. In a statement to the press, Feeli said QMR-KWT is a 1U CubeSat and will be Kuwait's first satellite. "Our goal is to make space accessible to all, and as a startup, we are excited to work with other startups to meet our mutual objectives," Feeli said.

"Once in space, QMR-KWT will be the outcome of efforts from all young companies including Orbital Space, EnduroSat, D-Orbit, and even SpaceX, which is less than 20 years old company," he added. "QMR-KWT's functional testing has been completed at EnduroSat facilities and it has been integrated with ION Satellite Carrier, D-Orbit's orbital transportation vehicle, as part of the plan to put it in orbit. The Falcon 9 mission dubbed Transporter-2 rideshare mission will carry several dozens of satellites from the surface of the earth to outer space at around 500 km above sea level in a sun synchronous orbit."

Meanwhile, according to Nada Al-Shammari, Director of Educational Programs at Orbital Space, QMR KWT

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