AUBH partners with Atnafas Creative Production to empower students with social media marketing skills


The American University of Bahrain (AUBH) and Atnafas Creative Production have signed a Memorandum of Understanding, aiming to equip AUBH students with valuable social media marketing skills, knowledge and practical experience. The mutual understanding aims to promote social media marketing and the role of social media influencers, in creating a positive impact in the region. The partnership will also aid in developing social media production projects for AUBH students, while sharing knowledge, experiences, ideas, and mentor exchange. Atnafas Creative Production is one of the leading social media marketing and production houses in Bahrain, founded and led by Mr. Omar Farooq, a Bahraini social media influencer in the region.

The company creates influential videos which result in positive impacts on brands, supporting marketing campaigns, and the wider community, via corporate social responsibility. Through the partnership, Atnafas intends to support AUBH students by providing tools, resources, and knowledge on creative direction, campaigns, films, and social media, while offering information sessions more...