Bahrain and the UAE are relying on a Chinese-made vaccine

SourceThe Economist

Take the Chinese jabBahrain and the UAE are relying on a Chinese-made vaccineThey are hoping for both political and public-health benefitsASIDE FROM the ubiquitous masks, visitors to Dubai would be hard-pressed to know there was a pandemic raging. Bars and malls are busy. Hotels that were four-fifths empty last spring hit 70% occupancy in December. Tourists have flocked to Dubai to escape lockdowns at home.

A recent spike in daily infections—they have more than doubled since November—has not dented the sense of normality. By spring that perception may be a reality: Dubai seems well on its way to widespread covid-19 immunity.The United Arab Emirates (UAE), of which Dubai is part, ranks second in the world in vaccinations per head. By January 13th it had administered almost 13 doses for every 100 residents, behind only Israel (see chart). Since the vaccines require two doses, the number of people fully inoculated is lower. Still, the UAE aims to inoculate half the population by April. Bahrain, another Gulf country, ranks third with almost six doses per 100 residents. Even that is double the rate in America.There are obvious reasons for their early success. Both are small countries: Bahrain has fewer than more...