Bahrain economy shows signs of gradual recovery | THE DAILY TRIBUNE

SourceThe Daily Tribune - News of Bahrain

Slowly but surely, Bahrain’s economy is showing promising signs of recovery despite the prolonged pandemic. This was based on the Infor- mation and eGovernment Authority’s preliminary results of the national accounts for the fourth quarter of 2020.
 The report indicated that gross domestic product (GDP) had achieved a slight recovery in the fourth quarter of last year at current prices, equivalent to 0.20%, while the economy stabilised at constant prices compared to the previous quarter of the same year (Q3 2020). The quarterly National Accounts bulletin showed that the GDP of the non-oil sectors grew by 3.32% and 2.07% at real and current prices respectively supported by the recovery of the financial sector, transportation and communications sector, government services and trade sectors. The national accounts re- port confirmed that financial projects grew by more...