BD 150 million Government Development Bond opens for subscription: Bahrain Bourse

SourceThe Daily Tribune - News of Bahrain

The 25th issue of BHD 150 million Government Development Bond has opened for subscription, Bahrain Bourse announced. The BHD 150 million Bond, issued at a par value of BHD 1 each on 17th June 2021 for five years, matures on the 17th June 2026. The annual fixed return on these securities is 3.60% and will be paid bi-annually on 17th June and 17th December every year throughout this issue.

The minimum subscription size is 500 bond per subscriber. The first 10,000 bonds will be each for subscribers and the remaining on a pro-rata basis. The Central Bank of Bahrain issued the Government Development Bond on behalf of the Government of Bahrain. The Government of Bahrain directly guarantees the Bond securities. The subscription, which began yesterday, is open for Bahraini and non-Bahraini investors, who can directly subscribe to the bond through the primary market of BHB. Investors could trade the bond on the secondary market at BHB after listed more...