Israel’s national water company Mekorot to provide desalination technology

SourceThe Daily Tribune - News of Bahrain
CountryMiddle east

TDT | Manama The Daily Tribune – Israel’s national water company Mekorot will sign, within the next few days, the first deal to provide Bahrain the technology to desalinate seawater. Although the company did not confirm the details, the deal is projected to be worth millions of dollars annually. Mekorot has also held talks with government institutions in the UAE about ways of cooperation in water technology - a field in which Israel has great experience. Mekorot is the leader in the thriving water export market and it is wholly owned by the government of Israel. The company has managed the country’s water-related environmental and security challenges for the past seven decades. A powerhouse in desalination, water reclamation, water project engineering, cloud seeding, water safety and water quality, Mekorot supplies 90 per cent of Israel’s drinking water and manages more...