Travel: How important is it to get vaccinated against COVID-19?

SourceGulf Insider

Why is getting vaccinated against COVID-19 important to the travel industry?The latest developments about coronavirus vaccines have given everyone optimism in an otherwise dismal time. At the end of last year, hope returned to the world, including hope for restarting travel as countries began approving several vaccines.But what does this mean for the travel industry and how important is it to get vaccinated against the virus? Just recently, we spoke to Dadabhai Travel’s Director, Adnan Gilitwala to gain some insights on this matter.Adnan Gilitwala, Director, Dadabhai TravelThe damage caused by the spread of COVID-19 has been immense not just in the travel industry but also the global economy. Travel is crucial to everyone’s livelihoods around the world which is why it is imperative that people get vaccinated for the sake of both their personal and professional survival.“Scientifically, it has been proven countless times that vaccines are the most effective form of prevention against disease, therefore the urgency for more people to get vaccinated has never been higher. The only way we see the travel industry recovering and being able to help other industries do the same is when enough people around the world are declared safe to move around without more...