Unlock new possibilities with Batelco’s upgraded Business Broadband


Batelco has unveiled upgraded Business Broadband Packages targeted at entrepreneurs, SMEs and large corporations, to offer an enormous boost in speed and usage, in an effort to support their evolving business requirements. The full range of Batelco’s new Business fiber Broadband packages feature unlimited usage and speeds up to 500Mbps. The top package represents a significant speed upgrade and cost saving on the previous top package, which featured speed of 40Mbps only.

New value-added benefits are a key feature of the packages with the introduction of unlimited Batelco on-net calls and up to 700 free minutes to other operators. Commenting on the new Business Broadband packages, Batelco Enterprise General Manager Abderrahmane Mounir said, “The needs of the enterprise sector for higher speeds to conduct business change at a tremendous rate, and we are committed to evolving our products and services to exceed customer expectations. Today with businesses relying heavily on cloud services, we want to provide an unparalleled fiber internet...read more...