Ancient Egyptians sanctified justice & the rule of law

SourceEgypt Today

Egyptian deities Maat & Thoth - Hurghada Lovers CAIRO – 12 January 2021: Egypt provided humanity with the oldest legislative and administrative systems. The oldest organized government was first established in Egypt and over the ages the Egyptian civilization succeeded and flourished based on strong and solid foundations of governance and administration.   About 5,200 years ago, King Mina, founder of the First Pharaonic Dynasty, was able to unify the south and north of Egypt into a unified state. He set the oldest legislative system in human history when he made the law of "Thoth", the god of wisdom, the unified law prevailing in all of Egypt.   The city of Memphis was taken as the capital and administrative center of the first unified central state in history, with an organized apparatus of governance, administration, judiciary, education, police, army and others.   The monuments of the Pharaonic civilization indicate the extent more...