Egypt, World Bank discuss cooperation on water projects

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Egypt’s Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation Mohamed Abdel Aaty met with a World Bank delegation, on Saturday, to discuss cooperation on new water projects.The online meeting came as part of the World Bank delegation’s follow-up on developments in Egypt’s infrastructure sector, undertaken by the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation. These took place in preparation for the anticipated completion of Egypt’s economic cooperation programmes.During the meeting, Abdel Aaty undertook a review of: the state’s strategy for managing water resources until 2050; the axes of the national plan for water resources 2037; and the most important projects that the ministry is currently implementing.The minister briefed the delegation on progress in many projects including: the national project for the rehabilitation of canals; the project to convert from flood irrigation systems to modern irrigation systems; climate change adaptation programmes and protection from sea level rises; as well as rain harvest projects.Abdel Aaty also reviewed state measures to encourage farmers to more...