Egyptian Center for Strategic Studies urges permanent partnership with civil society institutions

SourceEgypt Today

The Egyptian Center for Strategic Studies (ECSS) called on the national civil society institutions to launch a permanent partnership with the ECSS to reinforce the positive momentum related to human rights issues. The ECSS held a conference on Thursday titled 'Building a Post-Pandemic World...A Comprehensive Approach to Human Rights.” Concluding the conference, the ECSS in a closing statement invited regional offices of international organizations in Egypt to set up a more comprehensive and dynamic cooperative framework. This should provide a permanent channel for communication, cooperation and joint work with the ECSS. The ECSS urged expanding the scope of the political field by inviting youth to join political parties and practice partisan work to develop their political capabilities and enable them to assume leadership positions. It also launched a research program on local and international human rights files. The ECSS called for renewing the role of the Presidential Pardon Committee while working to develop its work mechanisms in line with recent developments. This is “in view more...