Egyptian to Begin Second Phase of Economic Reform

SourceAl Bawaba

Saleh pointed out that the Egyptian administration has succeeded in reducing the inflation rate, and that economic growth has ensured that the current rate is safe and normal. Gehan Saleh, adviser to Egyptian prime minister for economic affairs, said that the second stage of the country's economic reforms will be launched soon. Saleh said the new stage of the reform process will introduce radical changes to the economic system to achieve sustainable growth rates and improve the standard of living. She pointed out that the second stage, which relates to structural issues, aims to improve the quality of life and eliminate unemployment through consistent policies to create jobs and attract investment.

Saleh added that despite the pandemic, the Egyptian economy had kept the country's foreign debt within safe limits. The adviser said that Egypt is one of the few countries that achieved a positive growth rate, and the only regional power to do so. Speaking during a session more...