Interview: Expert Alaa Ghannam talks vaccination ‘ahead of the third wave’


“Any vaccine is better than no vaccine, all vaccines should be provided for free even if the government decides to launch a donation campaign to raise funds for a free-for-all project” and “we should get ready for the third wave even if we expect and hope it would be less aggressive and less fatal than the previous two”. These are three main points that Alaa Ghannam - a long time expert on health policies -  had shared in an interview with Al-Ahram Online, where he also shared an assessment on the performance of the government along with the medical system in navigating through the pandemic throughout the year. “To start with we need to remember that the whole world is learning on the job; we don’t know enough about the virus, its behaviour and its patterns or its side effects and consequently we don’t know enough on how to best treat it or to avoid its possible complications. So more...