Kenya imposes 25% customs on Egypt exports, violating COMESA agreement


Kenya has decided to impose a 25% customs on Egyptian exports, in violation of the COMESA agreement.The issue was raised with the 10th of Ramadan Investors Association, which has received complaints from factories in Egypt that their goods are accumulating in some African ports, including in Kenya.It was noted that Kenya has nullified the work of the COMESA agreement, and is now obliging Egyptian companies to pay 25% in customs for the release of their goods. The Kenyan move contradicts the principles of the agreement.Accordingly, the association, headed by Samir Aref, called on the Egyptian government, to accelerate the reactivation of the COMESA agreement. This would then open the way for Egyptian products moving to the 21 countries under COMESA, the largest economic grouping on the continent.A total of nine more...