The Turkish lira is getting smoked, will crash to new lows due to ‘unorthodox’ policies, analysts say

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Turkey's embattled currency hit another record low on Thursday, touching 7.95 to the dollar as it continues its relentless march toward an unprecedented 8 lira to the greenback.Economic analysts have expressed exasperation for the past several weeks at the policy decisions coming from Ankara, arguing that the currency's troubles are self-inflicted.   "If you look at the policies, (they have) become very hard-headed. And frankly trying to make something logical out of the irrational has become difficult," Angus Blair, a former investment banker and current professor at the American University of Cairo, told CNBC's "Capital Connection" on Thursday. The dollar has gained some 33% against the lira year to date, buying 5.945 of the Turkish notes at the start of this year. But the currency had already been on a long weakening trajectory more...