Where Are Analysts Most Optimistic on Ratings for S&P 500 Companies Heading into Q3 2021?


With the end of the second quarter approaching, where are analysts most optimistic and pessimistic in terms of their ratings on stocks in the S&P 500 heading into the third quarter?

Overall, there are 10,511 ratings on stocks in the S&P 500. Of these 10,511 ratings, 56.7% are Buy ratings, 36.8% are Hold ratings, and 6.5% are Sell ratings. Over the past five years, the average (month-end) percentage of Buy ratings is 51.6%, the average (month-end) percentage of Hold ratings is 42.4%, and the average (month-end) percentage of Sell ratings is 6.0%.

At the sector level, analysts are most optimistic on the Energy (64%), Information Technology (63%), Health Care (62%), and Communication Services (62%) sectors, as these four sectors have the highest percentages of Buy ratings.

On the other hand, analysts are most pessimistic on the Consumer Staples (44%) sector, as this sector has the lowest percentage of Buy ratings. The Consumer Staples sector also has the highest percentage of Hold ratings...read more...