Coronavirus vaccine frontrunner Pfizer delivers key trial data here’s where the other vaccines stand


Numerous pharmaceutical companies are racing to complete clinical trials and become the first to successfully get U.S. approval for a vaccine to fight the coronavirus, which has infected more than 50.5 million people worldwide in 11 months.A safe and effective vaccine is seen by investors and policymakers as a solution to get the global economy back on track after the pandemic wreaked havoc on nearly every country across the globe and upended businesses.Phase three trials are the critical last step needed to get the vaccines submitted to the Food and Drug Administration for potential authorization and distribution. Of the 47 vaccines in clinical trials worldwide, there are currently four U.S.-backed frontrunners in phase three: Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson's. A fifth drugmaker, Novavax, said it expects to begin more...