‘Hamilton’ Alum Launches Scholarship To Diversify Broadway – Backstage And Beyond

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Broadway stage manager Cody Renard Richard, who is launching a new scholarship program for theater ... [+] students of color Corey Rives “I’ve never had a mentor who looks like me.” Cody Renard Richard is a stage manager, one of the oft-unsung heroes of the theater industry. They’re the ones who manage schedules, call rehearsals, coordinate with producers, and alongside a small army of other laborers, keep the ship afloat day-to-day. Richard is also Black, which puts him frustratingly thin company on Broadway.

“I worked on Broadway for years before I even met another stage manager of color,” the Hamilton alum admits. “There are 41 theaters. And each one has three to five stage managers. And within that group, only maybe five are ...read more...