How Remote Work Will Create Economic Winners and Losers

SourceThe New York Times

Working from home is about more than just Slack and Zoom. It could increase wages for some, but also inequality and insecurity. Jason Caldwell, a marketing manager at WordPress, makes safely in the six figures working from Billings, Mont. His employer pays workers based on job responsibilities and qualifications, regardless of location.Credit...Shirley Yu for The New York TimesJuly 26, 2020, 2:29 p.m. ET When the pandemic hit and tens of millions of American workers suddenly redeployed to their basements and living rooms, it was easy to imagine that their workdays would unfold roughly as before, with communication tools like Slack and Zoom substituting for face-to-face interactions (and maybe with slightly greater multitasking opportunities). But the shift to a heavily remote work force — companies like Facebook and Twitter have announced that they more...