Microsoft’s Xbox deal with GameStop includes a revenue share agreement that gets the ailing retailer a foot in digital retail

SourceBusiness Insider

Last week, Microsoft and GameStop announced a partnership that would bring Surface tablets and workplace software into stores, and update the ailing retailer's e-commerce site. GameStop would also receive a cut of digital revenue from Xbox consoles sold at its stores as part of the new partnership. Like music and movie retail before it, video game retail has struggled with losses as digital storefronts offer video game players an easier way to access games.  Through this revenue share agreement with Microsoft, GameStop is finally getting a stake in the digital marketplace. Despite years of erosion from digital storefronts, GameStop has bounced back this year as millions of Americans were forced indoors by the coronavirus pandemic.  Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. As part of a newly announced deal between Microsoft and GameStop, the more...