Morocco amends trade agreement to curtail Turkish imports | Mohamed Alaoui

SourceArab Weekly
CountryMiddle east

RABAT- The Moroccan government imposed further restrictions on products manufactured in Turkey for a period of five years. It also imposed strict restrictions on Turkish store chains in Morocco, and warned it would close them if they do not comply with measures aimed at promoting Moroccan industry. Under the new measures, customs duties on textiles bearing Turkish seals will increase by 90%. An employee of Still Nua’s fashion works at a textiles factory in an industrial park connected to a free-trade zone in the Moroccan city of Tangiers. (AFP)The agreement also stipulates that the Moroccan side will not apply any other duties on imports of Turkish origin, except those covered under articles 18 and 19 of the free trade agreement between the two countries. The Moroccan trade ministry also required Turkish store-chain BIM, more...