What Is a Hyperloop and Where In the Arab World is the First One?

SourceAl Bawaba

Innovation never stops, especially in providing humans with new experiences and easier solutions to the most crucial services they need and use on a regular basis. For decades, experimental experts have been trying to come up with new transportation means that can potentially beat the exhausting and time-consuming air travel. Recent successes show that we might be closer than ever to the newest and fastest means of travel humans have yet to try.

In the 2018 UAE Innovation Month, Emirati officials revealed the first hyperloop prototype in cooperation between the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority and the American-based Virgin Hyperloop One company.

The hyperloop that has been tested with different speeds up to 1200 km/h will be able to offer services for over 5000 passengers each hour. Initial plans include a 12-minute route between Dubai and Abu Dhabi, to make up for the 90-minute trip in regular cars.

This week, hyperloops have been back into discussions after Virgin Hyperloop successfully completed its first-ever trip...read more...