Agility Rules, Spoiled Whiners, Smell the May Flowers, Ford in My Future


Time Passages

April. Over already.

Sell in May and go away? Maybe we should.

That adage does not always work out as is told. That said, the sledding for most years does tend to get a bit tougher for the six-month period that begins with May flowers and ends with a Thanksgiving turkey on the table.

Hey, maybe we’ll actually see relatives this year as we sit down around that bird.

No, I don’t think I will sell in May and go away. My cash levels were at two-year highs just a few weeks ago, and at two-year lows even more recently than that.

As I have aged and have continued to learn, I think that’s the key. I have always believed and taught since I was just a young, seawater-soaked pup crawling through the sand under a blazing sun that adaptability was the key to everything. I still do, but there is nothing in the world, more...