Chicken Sandwiches May Be In The Spotlight, But Fish Wants Attention, Too

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Popeyes is wading into the fish sandwich waters. (Photo: Luke Sharrett/Bloomberg) © 2017 Bloomberg Finance LP As the fast food world is gearing up for another round of fried chicken sandwich competition, another menu item is vying for attention: fish. Earlier this month, Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen rolled out the Cajun Flounder Sandwich, hoping that some of the magic that sparked 2019’s fried chicken sandwich wars might extend to seafood. It may soon be overshadowed by McDonald’s version of a fried chicken sandwich, due on Wednesday, but the Cajun Flounder Sandwich is a worthy offering that comes at the time of year when fast food chains are emphasizing their fish dishes.

Everyone from McDonald’s MCD to Arby’s to Burger King offers one, meaning that Catholics who avoid eating meat during Lent, or vegetarians in general have seafood options. Far from being an after thought, seafood choices are an even bigger deal for the Wisconsin-based Culver’s chain. It has a full lineup of fish-adjacent dishes, headed by the North Atlantic Cod Sandwich. Its main ingredient is also available as a dinner entree. Additionally, Culver’s offers butterfly more...