Decoding The Black Box: The 2015 US Disaster That Revolutionized Ship Crash Investigations

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The US Container Ship, the El Faro, sunk on 1 October 2015, sailing straight into the eye of a ... [+] hurricane, while passing through the Bermuda Triangle, with the loss of 33 crew on board. The NTSB built advanced computer models for the ship sinking. NTSB Final Report into El Faro Sinking (2018) The police in Mauritius investigating the grounding of the oil spill ship, the Wakashio, revealed late last week that they were unable to obtain sound from the ship’s black box.  7 Oct 2020: Press Conference by Mauritius Police Officer leading the Wakashio police enquiry, ... [+] Assistant Police Superintendent, Roshan Kokil, revealed no sound could be heard from the Wakashio's Voyage Data Recorder. L'express Newspapers more...