Donald Trump’s Name Is Being Removed From These Landmarks, City Leaders Say

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Giant capital letters spelling out "T-R-U-M-P" can be seen on skylines and venues in many U.S. cities—but perhaps not for much longer as city leaders move to drop the name from buildings.Such calls come amid a fierce backlash against President Donald Trump since some of his supporters stormed the seat of federal government, the U.S. Capitol, last week.The president has been impeached for a second time, for "inciting violence against the government of the United States," social media companies have blocked his accounts and major banks have distanced themselves from his business empire.Now the physical Trump signage could be next.However, local lawmakers calling for signs to be dropped are faced with a difficult question: how do you remove a sign from the building of a private company? Two cities think they know how.New YorkThe city, which Donald Trump once called home, announced on Wednesday that it would be terminating its contracts with the Trump Organization.Those deals include two skating rinks and a carousel in Central Park, as well as a golf course in the Bronx, which are worth an estimated $17 million a year.New York City has tried—and failed—to sever ties with the Trump brand before.However, Mayor Bill de Blasio more...