Emirati mystery barista shows how to brew the perfect cup and starting a café business during a pandemic

SourceGulf News

There’s a mystery barista in town. He likes to keep his identity a secret because he prefers the coffee to do the talking rather than him. Like all fans of Agatha Christie, we love a good food mystery and decided to do some sleuthing of our own.

And, yes, we had success. The young Emirati entrepreneur was tracked down and agreed to a conversation with the Food by Gulf News team but on the condition that we keep his identity a secret, instead referring to him with his social media handle Bespoke Barista. So, we decided to respect his request and go with the flow… He fell in love with the art and science of coffee making 10 years ago, and intended to start his dream project after his retirement. However, during the pandemic, he was inspired to open his shop in October 2020, as more and more people who were working from home, needed their “go to coffee shop”....read more...