How Apple changed the biggest tech event of the year by not showing up

SourceBusiness Insider
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CES (Consumer Electronics Show) used to be the biggest tech event of the year. Close to 5,000 companies go to Las Vegas for the industry trade show — but Apple has never been one of those companies. Apple took a different approach to maximize press coverage by carefully choosing the date to announce new product launches and minimize competition for big tech headlines and stories. Other companies like Motorola, Samsung, Google, Blackberry followed suit, which could have contributed to a 2,000 drop in CES attendees in 2018. Though it's being held virtually this year, Apple still won't attend. Here's how the company changed the event forever. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Following is a transcript of the video. Matt Stuart: CES used to be the biggest tech event of the year. Every January, almost 5,000 companies and 180,000 people descended on Las Vegas, for the biggest industry trade show in the world. Every electronics company you've ever heard of is there, along with thousands of others that you haven't.

Except for Apple, and that matters a lot. Apple never had a booth at CES. Instead, the company would offer a keynote at the annual Macworld Expo, an event dedicated to all things Mac. more...