I’m a dancing card dealer at a Vegas casino. I love my job – here’s what it’s like.

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  • Date: 14-Oct-2021
  • Source: Business Insider
  • Sector: Economy
  • Country: Gulf
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I’m a dancing card dealer at a Vegas casino. I love my job – here’s what it’s like.

I've been working as a "dancing dealer" in Las Vegas for almost four years now. A is a [table games] dealer who also dances. We take shifts dealing, and then we dance in front of the people in the casino. It's our job to make sure people are having fun — whether they're winning or losing — so that they have a great experience and want to come back. I currently work the night shift at . I deal blackjack and roulette. I enjoy working the night shift because it means I get to spend the daytime with my two daughters, who are four and six. My wakeup time ranges from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. depending on the kids' activities. It can be hard coming home late and then having to get up early, but it's worth it. I normally get Sunday and Monday off, and I'll spend time with my kids as much as I can. Sometimes I'll have a date night with my husband, but most of the time when I'm off I'm just at home, relaxing. Before this job, I worked in retail, specifically at Hollister, for quite some time. I didn't grow up being a

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