James Fisher Offshore streamlines services

SourceEnergy Voice

The offshore energy industry has been significantly impacted by the recent oil price downturns and the various challenges brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic. As such, James Fisher Offshore’s industry partners are increasingly looking to reduce costs and capitalise on incremental cost-efficiency gains that can be achieved throughout their operations and supply chains. In response to this, the team at James Fisher Offshore (JFO) has re-evaluated its approach to maximise efficiencies for its customers at a time when they are most needed. To this end, JFO has divided its UK team into specialised divisions to meet the contrasting requirements of its two key markets: the decommissioning sector and the life of field industry. As part of the company’s commitment to excellent customer service, this approach will enable its customers to work with a dedicated team that focuses solely on the demands of their specific operations. This will increase efficiency, reduce project delivery timescales and ensure market-leading results. For the decommissioning sector, JFO customers now have...read more...