More than speed: 5G could become the next big economic driver

SourceWorld Economic Forum
CountryMiddle east

Latin America is taking a five-pronged attack to deploying 5G in the region. Digitalisation must be rolled out across all sectors of the economy for it to work – both public services and industry. Partnerships and collaborations will be key, for building digital ecosystems, bringing IoT devices into the frame and versing people in the language of 5G. 5G is often understood to be able to increase the speed of “everything”. Dictionaries define it as “technology to send data… at higher speeds than 4G devices”. And yet 5G is so much more than the next G-speed; it is also key driver of economic growth. Here are five ways the Latin American region is preparing for 5G, so that it can become an enabler of successful digital transformation: 1.

Seeing 5G as critical infrastructure for national economies 5G and the digital ecosystem that it will create are set to spur economic recovery after COVID-19. We will see increased productivity with more added-value services and higher incomes as a result, and this will go a long way towards overcoming a stubborn digital divide and helping to bring Latin Americans into greater economic parity with other regions. In some places more...