Scottish company RemNOx launches ground-breaking decarbonising tech

SourceEnergy Voice

Glasgow-based RemNOx announces the launch of a global distribution deal using innovative fuel technologies of SulNOx Group. With immediate effect, the company will deploy fully certified RemNOx Diesel & Petrol Fuel Conditioner, together with Berol 6446 HFO Fuel Emulsifier. It is scientifically accepted that if hydrocarbon fuels could be ‘combined’ with water (emulsified) in a long-term stable form, then combustion would be more efficient and therefore cause less pollution.  As scientists and academics ramp up efforts to turn this theory into practice, SulNOx technologies are providing a solution. With the bulk of environmental damage stemming from on and off-road vehicles, marine vessels and heavy industry, RemNOx products are easy-to-implement, cost-effective and immediately available to significantly reduce pollution and increase efficiencies. Worldwide, over 8 million people die annually from hydrocarbon fuel pollution at an economic and health cost in the region of £2 trillion.  The real ‘killer’ pollutant is identified as the fine form of Particulate Matter (2.5).  For perspective, less than 2.5 million deaths have occurred from COVID-19. Nawaz Haq, more...