Self-made billionaire Thomas Tull on becoming rich, and how Warren Buffett changed his thinking


“I am truly one of the luckiest people that I have ever heard of,” says self-made Thomas Tull. Tull, 51, may be best known as the founder and former CEO of which co-produced a slew of Hollywood blockbusters including “Jurassic World,” “The Hangover” and “The Dark Knight.” He sold the company in 2016 for . He’s also the founder of an investment holding company that invests in AI, and he is a minority part-owner of the Pittsburgh .

But what people may not know is that Tull got his start in his hometown of Endwell, New York before making his fortune, buying and selling in the late . Tull says he always wanted to become an entrepreneur because he wanted to see if his ideas would work. “It’s a powerful feeling to have an idea and watch it come to life,” Tull tells . Tull is now worth an estimated , according to Forbes. Here, Tull talks to CNBC more...