The One-Minute OMG Sauce That You Will Make All Summer Long


Bob Blumer’s One-Minute Green Herb Sauce, a. k. a.

“OMG Sauce” is your secret weapon for finishing … [+] great grilled food and everything else you eat. This time of year the markets abound with bunches and bunches of herbs. If you are lucky enough to have a garden or even potted herbs, they are practically bushy with leaves. Before you give all the excess away to neighbors and family, make my friend, Bob Blumer’s One-Minute Green Herb Sauce, a. k. a. OMG Sauce. I love a grilling sauce as much as the next saucy fanatic. In fact, I wrote a book called Soaked, Slathered and Seasoned which has every kind of flavorful sauce, vinaigrette, compound butter or marinade, etc., you can think of to dress up your dishes from savory to sweet. But on these hot summer nights, who wants to spend a single unnecessary minute in the kitchen? As I noted in my grilling refresher, the three more...