15 Ways To Business Leaders Can Approach Decision Making More Objectively


To be an entrepreneur is to expect change. The business world is rarely static, and leaders who are able to meet obstacles head-on and create solutions are better able to survive long term. This is why decision making plays such an important role in a successful business.

When time is limited and decisions have to be made, an objective approach can help ensure the best conclusion is reached.

However, considering how big of a role people play in business and how often emotions can take over, remaining objective can be a challenge. Here, the members of Newsweek Expert Forum share strategies for letting go of assumptions and approaching the decision-making process with an unbiased view.

1. Let Go of the Emotions

The things that get in the way of objective decision making are emotions and ego. People often make decisions with their emotions and use data to justify those decisions. The key is to recognize those two things when it comes to approaching...read more...