Audience, Algorithm And Virality: Why TikTok Will Continue To Shape Culture In 2021


TikToks for Jordan Brand Sneakers Jordan Brand and Laundry Service Agency TikTok will grow and broaden its appeal in 2021 for 4 key reasons:  Its algorithm and data set, currently second to none, will keep getting better. It’s the easiest platform algorithm for users to train to feed them content they love  It’s highly accurate at targeting and connecting micro-cultures with content users crave For creators, barriers to entry are low and they can gain followers more quickly than on any other platform Earlier this year I asked Jordan Fox, Head of marketing agencies Laundry Service & Cycle, one of the sharpest people I know about digital marketing, to share what he thought were the most important trends for brands to focus on in 2021.  At the top of his list was how TikTok will continue its trajectory to becoming an even bigger part of culture in the U.S. and globally.  Here’s why we can expect that to happen. TikTok Is Already Huge And Its User Base Spends A LOT OF TIME on the Platform An estimated 56% of U.S.

consumers under 24 were on the platform more...