Ethically responsible, transparent economic approach need of the hour — experts

SourceJordan Times

AMMAN — Straightforward, ethically responsible and transparent economic approach is needed to mount the response against the COVID-19 pandemic, according to experts. “What is needed is an unvarnished truth. There is a lack of clarity and transparency, leaving the citizens fall into the state of insecurity,” sociologist Hussein Khozahe told The Jordan Times in a phone interview on Tuesday. Private sector engagement is “essential to the success of the pandemic response plans in the Kingdom”, and the government needs to do more to support the private sector, aiming at accomplishing a “fair balance”, and making a marked impact on the social and economic challenges in Jordan, Khozahe said. “Around 60 per cent of individuals in Jordan work in the private sector, of which 85 per cent are employees,” he added. The private sector plays a major role not just in supporting economic growth, but also in safeguarding the social well-being, as well as, the human capital, Khozahe said. He added that since the outbreak of the pandemic, 140,000 jobs were lost and 250,000 individuals have been affected. Khozahe said that supporting the private sector would foster a conducive environment, which leads to social progress and economic growth. “What is more important is to produce social more...