Global index sheds light on Jordanian women’s ‘very low’ economic participation

SourceJordan Times

AMMAN — Jordan ranked 129th on the 2019 Women, Peace and Security Index that covered 167 countries, the Jordan Strategy Forum (JSF) said on Tuesday in a paper titled "Briefly". The index is issued by the Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace and Security in partnership with the Peace Research Institute of Oslo and it assesses the performance of countries in three main aspects: Inclusion, justice and security, according to a JSF statement. The paper included recommendations to improve Jordan's ranking on the index through reconsidering weaknesses in sub-categories, the forum said, noting that improving the Jordanian women's conditions will lead to better women empowerment and gender equality. The JSF said that women economic participation on the index stood at 14 per cent, which is considered "very low", compared with countries like Sweden (61 more...