How To Create A Budget That Works For 2021

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A new year, a new chance to start fresh. For many, that means laying out a budget.But if the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that even the best laid plans can be turned upside down. Your old budgeting habits may no longer make sense in the COVID-19 era.So what should you do to ensure a financially successful 2021? We reached out to budgeting experts who shared their best tips for creating this year’s budget.Be RealisticThere’s often a lot of pressure in the new year to set lofty goals and achieve them perfectly. But budgeting isn’t about perfection; it’s a plan for your money that should change and adapt to your life.

“Don’t just create a budget ― create a realistic budget,” said blogger Kumiko Love, aka The Budget Mom. “Your budget should be created based on what you are actually spending, not what you want to spend.” Love explained that you need a clear foundation so you know where you are starting and where you want to go. Be honest when setting budget categories and goals. “By doing this, you will set yourself up to succeed in the beginning,” she said.Switch Up Your MethodIt’s OK to branch out and more...