Pandemic Pushes Muzik To Release First-Ever Camera Headphones

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The Muzik VISION headphone, envisioned by CEO and founder Jason Hardi, is an over-the-ear headphone ... [+] with camera capabilities. Present PR On November 18, the NBA hosted its first-ever virtual draft. The league set up 19 satellite trucks in five different countries to ensure that players’ immediate reactions could be broadcast for all fans to see.

But LaMelo Ball — a 19-year old point guard who was drafted by the Charlotte Hornets, a team owned by Michael Jordan — broadcast a different image. Instead of his own reaction, Ball broadcast his point-of-view, using a pair of Muzik VISION headphones. The footage showed the expressions from Ball’s friend’s and family, giving audiences the brief perspective of a 6’8” basketball star.  Muzik is a wearable technology company that specializes in smart headphones, and Ball is just one of Muzik’s many high-profile partners. The company garnered attention in 2018 for its slew of celebrity investors, pulling Michael Jordan and Dwayne Wade from the sports world, to Kevin Hart and T.I. from the entertainment sector, to French scion Francois-Henri Pinault of the European luxury goods company Kering. And that influx of $70 million went toward realizing founder more...